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Social Style – How do you show up?

These days women are coming to me not only to transform their wardrobe, but to inspire and elevate their SOCIAL STYLE.


Well, it’s your brand and it’s the way you speak to people without saying a word.

To break it down even more....

What do your brand shots say about you?

How do you dress on your social media channels?

What are you choosing to wear when you do a video series, FB / Instagram live or a webinar?


How do you dress when heading out for a meeting, client lunch, networking event or workshop?

These are the places that you are seen, heard and where you want to make an impact.

But if you are new to personal branding, or are looking to do a personal brand refresh this can seem super overwhelming which in turn can take the fun out of showing up and being your amazing self.So below I’ve put together some easy, actionable tips that will help you get started with your social style.


ACCENTUATE your personal style by;

Wearing good quality pieces you love.

Understanding your body shape and choosing pieces to flatter it.

Being confident in who you are and having fun with getting dressed.


ELEVATE your social style by;

Finishing your outfit with a beautiful classic jacket – wear it, or drape it over your shoulders.

Choose a shoe with a heel (even the slightest!) - Your stance, walk and demeanor changes with a little height.

Think about your overall look – hair, make-up and accessories.

When you have pride and have been mindful in what you choose to wear it shows a huge amount of respect not only yourself, but for other people and it will only ever garner more trust from someone when you show up dressed respectfully.

If you would like to know more about my SOCIAL STYLE package (it’s currently not live on my site) please reply to this email and I’ll be in touch.

Here’s to empowered choices and inspired wardrobes!

Tara x

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The Top 3 Reasons you’re in a Wardrobe Rut (and the simple ways to find a way out).

Everyone gets dressed everyday, there’s no getting around it, so it may as well be a fun experience, right?

Well, from what I’ve heard for many women it often isn’t.




Are just some of the words I hear when describing their wardrobe to me.

The factors and the reasons are many, so I’ve put together the Top 3 ways you’ve landed in a #wardroberut and ofcourse, easy and stylish ways to get back on track.


For some, it’s going from a corporate gig to self employment, for others it can be a pivot to a position where the current dress code (read – strict, office) is more relaxed.

Big (exciting/empowering) moves like this can be tricky in the wardrobe dept, and you’ve probably;

  • Been left with pieces that no longer align with your new role
  • Craved a more inspired, creative wardrobe
  • Wondered if jeans can now be worn 365 days a year

Hint – the answer is no!


It’s easy to go shopping on a whim – you were bored, tired, happy, hungry or had plans on Friday night and needed a new outfit. And yes, you may have it worn once or twice, but then more than likely, it found its way to the back of the wardrobe to be occasionally pulled out and pondered over. Shopping without a clear purpose (excitement, love and need) just leaves you with a wardrobe filled with pieces you only “hope to wear one day” – but never do.


THIS HAPPENS – and for so many glorious, and not so glorious reasons. For you to feel comfortable (and chic) getting dressed everyday you need to;

  • See (and be) exactly where you are now. Not 2 years ago and not 1 year down the track – just right here.
  • Love and embrace yourself as you are.
  • Work with everything you have.

So, now what? Well, wardrobe nirvana is easily within reach with these next few key tips that will get you out of your rut and creating a wardrobe filled with pieces you love, will look great in and that you’ll actually wear


Someone who you really resonate with, they may be famous or not and have a personal style you love. Once you’ve found one or two – break down their style – get inspired and write down what you love about their looks.


Time to get serious! Moving out all of those pieces that are really just taking up room and not being worn will create space and energy for a new (and aligned) wardrobe to be created. When laying a new fashion foundation the best way to start is with key classic items – the ones that will see you through any occasion, season or year. –Not sure what they are? You can grab my e-book Edit.Wear.Love (your wardrobe) which has every classic item (including accessories) for every season and styling hints and tips to make them all work for you


Ready to shop? Armed with your inspo and shopping list, you’re halfway there. To maximize your time and wardrobe you want to make sure you are buying for the right reasons – and the way to do this is by asking yourself key questions that will empower and inspire you. Download my free Purchase With Purpose checklist which has the top questions to ask (plus prompts!) whilst you’re out shopping, so every purchase is made mindfully and sets you up for only buying pieces you love and will wear every day.

Now’s the time to really get excited about creating your dream wardrobe – and doing it from a thoughtful place.

Here’s to empowered choices and inspired wardrobes!

Tara x

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My Top 3 Tips to getting Winter Wardrobe Ready

It’s around this time of the year when those seriously hot days are well and truly behind us, and we can look forward to that beautiful change of season. It’s also around this time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe and how you want it look.


Getting your wardrobe ready to roll for the cooler months needn’t be a chore (it can actually be fun), which is why I’ve put together my top 3 tips to getting you (stylishly) winter wardrobe ready!


Be ruthless here – Try everything on! Does it still fit you? Do you still love it? Is it in good/wearable condition – does anything need a new button or mending – are the zips and hems all ok?

This is also a really good time to take inventory of you have, and what may be missing from your winter wardrobe....more on that soon!


First thing to do is go through your summer wardrobe (this may seem counter intuitive to the first tip but stay with me!) and pull out some of your favourite pieces – with a few creative tweaks ask yourself “can these be winterfied”? (NOT a word but fun nonetheless!)

 Example –

You’ve got a couple of floral dresses that fit you beautifully, why not add tights, boots, a soft knit jumper or denim jacket to it – smart, chic AND warm.

The same combo can be used for any summery skirts you may also have!

Your favourite t-shirt doesn’t need to be banished to the back of the wardrobe, why not layer it with a wool cardigan, jeans and a scarf. If it’s a little cooler where you are why not wear your favourite jacket and add a hat.


The beauty of having opposing seasons with the northern hemisphere is that as they are about to head into Spring and are also in the midst of having huge winter sales, so if  you’ve done some inventory on what may have been missing in your winter wardrobe (Tip.1.) then this could be the perfect time for you to find something you love and need!.

NB:If you are going to dive into buying some new pieces for the season ahead and want to make sure that what you are investing in is truly what you want, then I’d recommend getting my (free) Purchase with Purpose Checklist – a simple (yet very honest) way to empower yourself to make the most conscious shopping decisions - you can get it here.

And if you’re struggling with knowing what pieces to buy (and how to wear them!) then my e-book Edit.Wear.Love. (your wardrobe) is just  for you. It has the full list of the key classic pieces you should have in your wardrobe, and I share all of my tips and tricks that will help maximize their wears and get you excited about getting dressed every day! – grab your copy here.

Here’s to empowered choices and an inspired wardrobe!

Tara x

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