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It’s time for you to create, own and love your dream wardrobe.

Transform your current wardrobe, find (and love) your personal style, shop with confidence and clarity + only own pieces you absolutely love + wear.

Let me ask you a question...Have you at one stage;

  • Looked at your wardrobe and felt it’s not a true reflection of you.
  •  Spent precious time and $ shopping for clothes that filled a void, but that you didn’t truly love or even wear.
  • Had a change of career or lifestyle and felt your wardrobe didn’t match where you were or where you were going.
  •  Felt overwhelmed by all of the choices for clothes out there.
  • Purchased the same style piece over and over because it felt safe and easy.
  • Always wanted to work with a Stylist but never had the time or know how.

But what you truly wanted

was to;

  • Have a wardrobe filled with aligned pieces
 that you absolutely love.
  • Have full confidence that you are always
 wardrobe ready
  • Feel inspired and excited when you get
  • Shop with soulful purpose, a clear intention
 AND enjoy the experience.
  • Clear space (energetically + literally) in your
 wardrobe to let what you truly want in.
  • Find your style and have fun doing it.
  • Know the key fundamentals of a wardrobe,
 and how to style them.

If you are nodding your head and already thinking about your wardrobe, then just know...you are meant to be here.

And I am so glad you are!

Hi, I'm Tara!

Stylist, Fashion Educator, founder of Edit.Wear.Love and Creator of “Inspire Your Style”

If we haven’t met before, hello and welcome!

My signature e-course, “Inspire Your Style” is all about you creating a wardrobe you love and wear through conscious decision making and taking inspired action

Inspire Your Style is the culmination of over 16 years working in the fashion industry. During that time, I’ve worked with game changing and inspiring women (like yourself!) using the principles of this course to transform their wardrobes and lives.

I’ve also been able to share my skills and knowledge through teaching fashion styling, writing fashion based content for online publications, styling brand campaigns and being the head stylist for a National NFP. Plus, I’ve hosted many in-person workshops for women wanting to crack their style code.

My years of experience, research and many, many fashion chats (I do love a fashion chat!) with women has solidified for me that every woman deserves to be empowered in every way, especially in the way she dresses! , and that you can create a wardrobe you’re totally in love with, filled with pieces that give you a true sense of confidence every day.

Let me tell you more about the INSPIRE YOUR STYLE E-COURSE!

1. You get unlimited access to the SEVEN online learning sessions designed to teach you how to become your own Stylist and create a wardrobe you love AND love to wear.

Each session has an intro video and exercises/journaling work.

The sessions cover these topics:

How to transform your wardrobe with conscious intent while delving deeper into your fashion “WHY’S”.

How to find and create your personal style.

How to “Purchase with Purpose” – so you will always shop with confidence and clarity.

Understand what to buy and why, so you can save time and $$.

Learn the ultimate wardrobe classics you *need* in your life.

Wear + Style your wardrobe in alignment to you and your lifestyle.

Create confidence and clarity in your wardrobe and life.

2. My e-Book "Edit.Wear.Love - Your Wardrobe”.

Your complete guide to every wardrobe “classic” you’ll ever need, including accessories and underwear. It is full of easy to implement style tips and tricks and is your absolute go-to for when investing in lasting pieces for your wardrobe.

3. Journal Prompts and affirmations to help along the way.

Did you know the fashion choices we make every day are deeply rooted in our psychology around our self-worth and self-image? This is why journaling and deep-dive questions are an essential part of the course. Change your mindset to change your wardrobe.

4. Easy reference downloads to save you time and money.

Yours to download and use are the “Purchase with Purpose” checklist and the “Purchase with Purpose Shopping List” both are designed to save you valuable time and money when it comes to shopping for the wardrobe you love.



Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day to your *dream* wardrobe?

That’s my goal for you.

This course is so much more than learning how to dress! It will teach you how to love what you own; to feel confident with your wardrobe and to know that you have transformed the way you shop and dress forever.

With “Inspire Your Style” you will learn:

The fundamentals of styling yourself confidently.

How to create and enjoy an organised, consciously chosen wardrobe.

How to find (and love) your personal style.

The wardrobe classics everyone *needs* in their life.

How to purchase with purpose.

How to easily choose pieces that will create a wardrobe you love and wear.


The “Inspire Your Style” e-course is NOT

Going to teach you what colours suit you (or don’t!) or tell you what vegetable best represents your body shape.

Going to tell you need to spend X amount of $$ or only buy X brand to create a wardrobe you love.

A cookie cutter personal styling method.

A “quick-fix” that will have you going back to old buying habits, thinking you “have nothing to wear”, spending unnecessary $$ which leaves you feeling disempowered and not confident.

On the completion of the course you will;

Have a wardrobe you love and love to wear.

Moved past your outdated beliefs, habits and cycles of unconscious shopping so you will create new and exciting patterns that are aligned with who you are.

Know the fundamentals of styling yourself confidently.

Have lifelong tools to enjoy an organised, consciously chosen wardrobe.

Have all the knowledge to find, create (and love) your personal style.

Understand more about fashion, and the wardrobe classics everyone *needs* in their life.

Importantly, you’ll learn how to purchase with purpose.

Have confidence and clarity around your wardrobe and future wardrobe decisions.

“Inspire Your Style” is not just a course; it’s where you will see a massive shift in your mindset + your wardrobe.


Here’s to empowered actions and inspired wardrobes!

Wondering what some of my personal styling clients have to say after working with me?

“Before I met Tara, I didn't really understand what suited me, what worked together, and which pieces I should be keeping an eye out for. I was what you might describe a "nervous dresser" never really quite sure if I was doing the "right" thing.

It's not an overstatement to say Tara's guidance and advice completely changed how I see fashion. As a result, my wardrobe is way more fun, and I've developed a real sense of my own personal style. Tara's tips, tricks and advice have been invaluable to building my confidence, and her focus on sustainability means I'm always learning something new from her.”

Rae Johnston, Junkee Editor, TV & Radio Presenter

“Thank you so much Tara for your time and guidance in getting my wardrobe back on track. Working with you was just what I needed to be able to feel so much more confident in not only what I wear but how I present myself daily. Thanks again for everything.”

Sarah P, Marketing Executive, Sydney

“Tara is an inspiration. I met Tara a year ago and set a goal to engage her services when I landed my dream job. Tara and I worked together in a short span of time to completely transform my wardrobe from traditional corporate (read boring) to fashion-forward sophistication. Through her creative eye, incredible knowledge and service-first approach, I had such a wonderful (and fun!) Experience working with Tara. More than anything, I am grateful for her inspiration and kindness in building my self-belief to embrace my body, my creativity and confidence. ”

Heather Dawson, Head of Sales, Australasia, Global Investment Firm


How does the “Inspire Your Style” e-course work?

Through the method I use working 1:1 with women, my years experience working in the fashion industry and spending over 6 months collecting data specifically around the top concerns women have with their wardrobes – the sessions in this course are the result.

The course consists of five online sessions that you access via my website. They are available for you to work through at your own pace.

Each session consists of an intro video and has accompanying exercises and/or journaling work.

The best way to get the absolute most out of the course is to follow it in the order in which it’s supplied for you, do all the work required, and then move on to the next session.

The course is essentially teaching you how to become your own personal stylist.

How do I know if “Inspire Your Style” is right for me?

If you’re ready to step into the next level of self empowerment, confidence and courage by showing the world who you are, through a wardrobe you love – then YOU ARE right where you need to be.

If you’re ready to purchase with purpose and intentionally curate a wardrobe that shows your unique style – then YOU ARE right where you need to be.

If you’re ready to ditch the old (beliefs, clothes, mindsets) that are holding you back, and become more aligned with who you are on the inside and how that’s represented in your fashion choices – then YOU ARE right where you need to be.

If you’re ready to do the work to see transformations – then YOU ARE right where you need to be.

Can I do the course at my own pace?

YES! I designed this course specifically for online viewing, to be consumed at your own pace, so it would work for you and your lifestyle. There is quite a bit of journaling involved, so allow for this time when you can.

Please note: enjoying the process of transformation is a large part of how you create a wardrobe you love + wear. It can take you as long or as little time as you want.

You simply log in, do what you can, when you can and feel comfortable going through to the next session.

Am I expected to spend lots of money during and /or after the course?

Not at all. The focus of the content is on your mindset, confidence and getting you to a place where you feel confident about your wardrobe and purchasing for it. There is a guide supplied for you all about the key classic wardrobe items, but there are no set directives as to where you must shop and how much you should spend.

I trust you are a grown adult who will be able to work to your own budget and make smart decisions from there!

Can you guarantee results?

No one can ever guarantee anything! However, I can say that if you follow the sessions, do all the work, stay open, be honest with yourself and have fun while you do it – you will see results and be able to create a wardrobe you love + wear.

What if I have a question, can I talk with Tara?

Great question! Anything urgent, relating to payment or finding out how you can work with Tara, please email hello@editwearlove.com.

Do you have a payment plan?

At this stage, there is a one-off payment for access to the “Inspire Your Style” E-course.

Do you offer refunds?

We know you’ll love the course as much as we have loved creating it for you, so we do not offer refunds.

Will you have any other courses coming out soon?

Yes, there are definitely more in the works…stay tuned….and in the loop…sign up to the Inspired Memo.




  • Instant access
  • Self paced




  • 1 Hour 1:1 personal style session with Tara (via Zoom)
  • Enhance your course experience
  • Personal guidance
  •  Tips & Tricks