Edit Wear Love


It's time to have a wardrobe you love

Fill your wardrobe with stylish pieces that will change the way you get dressed and inspire you daily with Edit. Wear. Love. (your wardrobe) for $19.

With Edit. Wear. Love. (your wardrobe) you’ll get:

  • A clear list of the top key classic items every wardrobe needs
  • A feeling of empowerment and confidence when you shop
  • A stylist’s advice on which pieces to buy, why you need them and how to wear them (including accessories, shoes and underwear)
  • The chance to fall in love with your wardrobe again
  • Style inspiration from the classics (because the classics will always work for you)
  • An easy to manage wardrobe filled with chic key classic items that work together and with everything else you already own

Ready to create a wardrobe you love + wear