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Social Style – How do you show up?

These days women are coming to me not only to transform their wardrobe, but to inspire and elevate their SOCIAL STYLE.


Well, it’s your brand and it’s the way you speak to people without saying a word.

To break it down even more....

What do your brand shots say about you?

How do you dress on your social media channels?

What are you choosing to wear when you do a video series, FB / Instagram live or a webinar?


How do you dress when heading out for a meeting, client lunch, networking event or workshop?

These are the places that you are seen, heard and where you want to make an impact.

But if you are new to personal branding, or are looking to do a personal brand refresh this can seem super overwhelming which in turn can take the fun out of showing up and being your amazing self.So below I’ve put together some easy, actionable tips that will help you get started with your social style.


ACCENTUATE your personal style by;

Wearing good quality pieces you love.

Understanding your body shape and choosing pieces to flatter it.

Being confident in who you are and having fun with getting dressed.


ELEVATE your social style by;

Finishing your outfit with a beautiful classic jacket – wear it, or drape it over your shoulders.

Choose a shoe with a heel (even the slightest!) - Your stance, walk and demeanor changes with a little height.

Think about your overall look – hair, make-up and accessories.

When you have pride and have been mindful in what you choose to wear it shows a huge amount of respect not only yourself, but for other people and it will only ever garner more trust from someone when you show up dressed respectfully.

If you would like to know more about my SOCIAL STYLE package (it’s currently not live on my site) please reply to this email and I’ll be in touch.

Here’s to empowered choices and inspired wardrobes!

Tara x

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Your How-To Guide to Purchasing With Purpose.


Hint – it’s knowledge AND a feeling.

Shopping IS fun, but if the psychology behind the WHY isn’t right you’ll stay in a pattern of consistently bad (fashion related) habits that will keep you stuck;

*Buying the same thing on repeat

*Wearing the same thing on repeat

*Hating your wardrobe, being in a creative rut, and shopping on a whim to fill a void (that isn’t fashion related) that leaves you saying “I have nothing to wear!”


After working in the Fashion Industry for over 18 years I’ve seen alot in the way of shopping habits and many, many wardrobes. Which is why I believe every woman (and man) should empower themselves to make informed purchasing decisions that creates a beautiful wardrobe and evokes joy and fun in the process.

So below, I’m sharing the key steps I use when working with Personal Styling clients to get them back to having a functioning and workable wardrobe that does just that!


Start by looking at what you already HAVE. This is where you will be super honest about what’s lurking in all the corners/closets/storage bags and taking stock of it all. This naturally brings up emotions because like we do with music, we often attach a time, place, person or occasion with alot of what we’ve worn and whether it’s good or bad, we can sometimes hang onto pieces that no longer serve us in the way we need. You’ll also start seeing a pattern in how you buy – we gravitate towards the things we love (der) but over time we end up having TOO MANY of a certain thing – sometimes it tops, dresses or even shoes.


Then think about what you NEED. This is where classic wardrobe items come in. Pieces that are going to go with everything you already have in your wardrobe, the fundamentals, those pleasure pieces that come out and play season after season...you get the idea. But if you are unsure of what the wardrobe classics are – sign up to my newsletter and receive my free Top 3 wardrobe classics pdf – straight to your inbox and a great starting point for anyone wanting to turn their wardrobe around!


Next up is FABRICS  + FITS. This is a great time to jump online ( are we ever offline?) create an album, title it “Wardrobe Inspo” and start saving some of your favourite fashion looks. This is a fun process as it’s not just stalking for quick fashion gratification – its research (knowledge is power!) into what you like, what makes you feel good, what fabrics certain items are and even where you might find them.

It’s now onto LIFESTYLE + BUDGET. Totally necessary if you are going to go forth and reclaim your wardrobe. What do you do with most of your time? How do you spend your weekends? What do you want to invest in? Once you start asking these questions, it will give you more insight into what you'd like your wardrobe to be and how you want it to work for you.


If you have started doing all of these steps or atleast read them (!) you can already FEEL it’s becoming a thoughtful process. It’s arming you with knowledge, it’s made you step back and think about your wardrobe as whole – as it is now and what you want it to be. It’s made you think outside the square but create clever boundaries. This is what Purchasing with Purpose is all about.


I’d love to know your thoughts! What’s been your biggest take away from learning how to #PurchaseWithPurpose ? Comment below!


Tara x



I met Kady about a year ago when I was searching for someone to help me with my branding + website design. I needed to work with someone who understood my vision (in any way I tried to convey it!) who was creative and a big thinker themselves, and had worked with other creative women in bringing their brands alive in a beautiful and cohesive way.

I got this and so much more when I started my journey with Kady. Super professional and SUPER patient, Kady lead me through her process of creation with such ease and was always so open to teaching me  things along the way.

And because we have been in touch almost weekly for this whole time (!) a lovely friendship of mutual respect and a love of all things beautiful has come about. I've loved watching her wins in her business ( as a very important side - she has also written a cook book which was gifted to Harry and Mehgan at their Wedding!) and her the same for me!

Enjoy getting to know Kady, and if you'd like to see more of the work she did for me check it out here 



To me design is about how you represent yourself in the world. It is as unique and quirky as we are. It tells a story and paints a picture of your life, your values, your style, before you say a single word. Good design makes my heart sing. It stops me in my tracks and allows me a few moments of complete presence where I can connect and admire something. It doesn’t have to be typical ‘design’ like a logo or branding. It could be as simple as the glazed clay mug you are served your morning coffee in. People create their dream life through design. You design the life you want to have whether through your vision or physically surrounding yourself with the quirky collections of clothes and things that make up your world. It is a very powerful concept to think everything in your life is there by design and you have the ability to create whatever the hell you want!



There is this idea of creating your dream life that inspires me. You start with nothing, just a seed of an idea and you can turn that into a brand and a business. There is nothing I love better than to help people build their dreams and that is how Kady Creative was born. People come to me with a vision and I am lucky enough to turn this into a tangible thing. It’s so exciting to see how excited people are to see their creations come to life. I know the feeling that you have more to give.. more potential and a bigger purpose in life that your 9-5. Designing Kady Creative allows me to live my dream life and work with amazing like-minded business owners. It’s seeing people do what they were meant to do that lights me up and motivates me every single day.



I was always fascinated by Art growing up. I would sit for hours as a child sketching Mickey Mouse and Disney characters trying to bring them to life on my sketch pad. I went to Art college as it was the only thing I felt passionate about and studied Visual Communications for four years to get my degree. It has been a completely natural progression and I can’t think of anything else I could be doing.



A brand that can capture their audience by giving them the full experience. As Maya Angelou puts it “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” It’s the exact same with branding, the aim is to make people feel a certain way, they become drawn to your brand. Even though people may not necessarily realise the reason they love your brand is because of the latest features in web design, they go online and have a great experience because of just that. They scroll through your pages and are guided around your site in a user-friendly way. Branding should not be in your face obvious. It is about thinking how your end user will work and going out of your way to give them the best experience. That may be through choosing fonts you know will read well on your bio page, to lighting a candle if you have a physical store. Always think of your end user and keep everything consistent so they start to know and trust your brand.



Living in Sydney (especially Bondi) is #lifestylegoals. As someone that moved here from Ireland where it is cold and wet most of the year (I wish I was being dramatic here), this lifestyle is pinch me good. If I have had a long day or feel like I need to connect back to my vision, I just go for a swim in the ocean or walk along the sand and immediately I can connect to the bigger picture and the creative juices start flowing!


Strategy meetings with clients where I can hear all about their vision and coming up with tonnes of ideas as to how their brand can come to fruition. The part where the ideas and concepts start flowing is like a waterfall, it just fizzes up inside and I am brimming with inspiration just waiting to be poured out. That is when I feel fully in flow.


If anyone would like to work with me or even just say hellow and tell me a good joke they can reach out via the Kady Creative website. I just introduced a complimentary 20 minute brand strategy call also which dives into where you are at and helps you to gain some insight on the big bad world of branding!


Just because.....

Favourite perfume?

I am obsessed with aromatherapy oils and have been loving the Flora Remedia Roll on perfume. So good!

Favourite song to dance to?

I’m a big fan of all old school R’n’b

Favourite flower?

I absolutely love the Australian natives, a bunch of those bad boys can steal my heart anyday.

Dream holiday destination?

South America, where I will be heading on my honeymoon next year!

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