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Social Style – How do you show up?

These days women are coming to me not only to transform their wardrobe, but to inspire and elevate their SOCIAL STYLE.


Well, it’s your brand and it’s the way you speak to people without saying a word.

To break it down even more....

What do your brand shots say about you?

How do you dress on your social media channels?

What are you choosing to wear when you do a video series, FB / Instagram live or a webinar?


How do you dress when heading out for a meeting, client lunch, networking event or workshop?

These are the places that you are seen, heard and where you want to make an impact.

But if you are new to personal branding, or are looking to do a personal brand refresh this can seem super overwhelming which in turn can take the fun out of showing up and being your amazing self.So below I’ve put together some easy, actionable tips that will help you get started with your social style.


ACCENTUATE your personal style by;

Wearing good quality pieces you love.

Understanding your body shape and choosing pieces to flatter it.

Being confident in who you are and having fun with getting dressed.


ELEVATE your social style by;

Finishing your outfit with a beautiful classic jacket – wear it, or drape it over your shoulders.

Choose a shoe with a heel (even the slightest!) - Your stance, walk and demeanor changes with a little height.

Think about your overall look – hair, make-up and accessories.

When you have pride and have been mindful in what you choose to wear it shows a huge amount of respect not only yourself, but for other people and it will only ever garner more trust from someone when you show up dressed respectfully.

If you would like to know more about my SOCIAL STYLE package (it’s currently not live on my site) please reply to this email and I’ll be in touch.

Here’s to empowered choices and inspired wardrobes!

Tara x

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