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They’re not what you might think…

Guess what? You might be sitting on some wardrobe gold if you delve a little deeper into how you get dressed. Instead of planning a shopping trip, let’s save you some time and money by making your wardrobe work harder for you every day.


We all know the classic I have nothing to wear! scenario –

You’re getting ready to go out and you turn to your wardrobe full of optimism, but more than likely, you see a wardrobe full of clothes, you barely know where to start! Three outfit changes later, you’ve given up hope.

Sound familiar?

Eliminate this nightmare by planning your outfits. It may seem counterproductive, but I PROMISE you, you’ll save time and cut down on stress by curating your wardrobe in your spare time. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Set aside at least 30–45 minutes to look through your wardrobe and think about what the pieces you like.
  • Think about your week ahead. Are you going to work? Do you have events booked, like birthday celebrations or have client meetings or big presentations to attend?
  • Pull out the pieces you love, including shoes and accessories! Don’t think about how they’ll go together just yet, just think about your faves and what you love to wear.
  • Hang all of your clothes up and put them together on a rack or in your wardrobe (make them as easily accessible as possible), so you can literally roll out of bed and pull out ‘Monday's outfit’!
  • Commit to wearing whatever you’ve chosen. Have fun with the planning and enjoy the extra time you have, as your rushed mornings become a thing of the past!


You know those long, annoying care labels we all pretend to read but never do? Well, they’re actually there for a reason! Clothes are an investment, and if you treat them well, they’ll work for you over and over again.

  • If it says dry-clean only, then dry-clean only
  • If it says gentle wash, gentle wash only... you get the picture.

In particular, silk shirts and dresses (which I love!) will have an extended life when dry-cleaned regularly! For those playing at home, here’s one of my all-time favourite silk shirts 

If you don’t want to make best friends with your dry-cleaner and aren’t about to start learning the six other settings on your washing machine, then be sure to read the label before you make a purchase! This way you can invest your time and money wisely before washing day comes around, and you’re left wondering how to keep your clothes pristine.



You know what really pulls an outfit together? The right intimates!

We all remember a gorgeous outfit ruined by an unsightly bra strap, or a colourful, comfy pair of underwear ruining a form-fitting dress.

Yes, we need our G-strings, comfy cottontails and sports bras, but have you (ever?) been properly fitted, and are you wearing the right size? Are your bras streamlined, supportive; do they enhance your breasts? Is your underwear comfortable; is it visible under your outfits?

Good underwear should complement what you're wearing, not compete with it.

I’ve found from working with many women that they avoid certain outfits in their wardrobe because they don’t have the perfect strapless bra or the right coloured underwear to go with it. Don’t let your intimates hold you back – make sure they’re a priority purchase!

I know these three wardrobe hacks will make dressing more fun and I can’t wait for you to try out these tips!

I also love hearing/seeing/being apart of your about your wardrobe wins so let me know how you go in the comments below. Also, if you’re feeling inspired, post a picture of your outfit(s) over on Instagram, tag me @taracastellan and don't forget to use the hashtag #EditWearLove!


Tara x


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